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Pink Gloves



Originally written for and published by TLM 🙂

I absolutely love the idea of a) a female-only boxing class and b) supporting an amazing cause while I work out.Pink Gloves Boxing (PGB) on Burnet in Austin combines those two awesome things (and yes, the gloves are really pink). Pink Gloves offers a tier program, drop-in classes, personal training, and private classes — with a percentage of all proceeds going to breast cancer research. Their website boasts about the 3 F’s: fitness, fun, and female empowerment!

Brenda Hull, owner of PGB Austin, got her start in boxing by branching off from her normal fitness routines to try something new.

It can be intense on the first visit, but by the end you will want your own gear. Courtesy photo
It can be intense on the first visit, but by the end you will want your own gear. Courtesy photo.

“I have always been into fitness and working out. after working with a personal trainer for many years I needed something different,” Hull explained. “I found PGB and  took some classes and fell in love with boxing, then the gym closed and didn’t find any other boxing classes i enjoyed. A few years after that I was searching for fitness jobs and certifications and found an AD for Pink Gloves and how they would be in Austin for a training camp. I signed up and after a few meetings with PGB central I bought the license and opened Pink gloves Boxing Austin in 2013.”

Since its doors opened in 2013, PGB Austin has been met with eager Austinites wanting to give it a try, but sorry fellas — this one’s for the women.

“Women have mostly had positive experiences at PGB,” Hull said. “One member recently stated, ‘I was so very pleased with PGB class tonight! I am hooked! Can’t wait to go back! It’s such an inviting group.’ Many women have met their best friends, who later became their bridesmaids, at Pink Gloves Austin. That is our goal — to create a positive, comfortable environment that you spend with family! I have gotten several request from men, especially the PGB husbands and kids. We are working on something for men and the kids of our Austin community.”

Don’t be afraid to give this gym a try. You’re walking into a welcoming environment, not the gladiator area. There won’t be any fists flying at your face, but you will get a workout.

They really seem to be building a positive bond in the gym. Courtesy photo
They really seem to be building a positive bond in the gym. Courtesy photo.

“We like to make everyone feel welcome so the trainers and members will introduce themselves and help you check in and get your hands wrapped,” Hull explained. “What has naturally happened is that a member will take the first-timer and go over what the class looks like and gives them a tour of our small space. Once class begins, a group warm-up begins where I tell my trainers to take this time to let your members know who you are. After warm-up, trainers go over each station and the punches and combinations are taught. Class begins and goes by WAY too fast! Class ends with abs circle. There is a question of the day that members answer and give the group an ab workout or stretch. This is the time where we hear from the members and gives them the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit more.

They also host an annual “Punch-a-Thon” benefiting Seton Breast Cancer Center. The Punch-a-Thon is not an actual fight (they say their real fight is against breast cancer), but rather, each team has to punch heavy bags for a certain amount of time. For every five dollars donated to your team, you have to punch for one minute.

If you’re looking for a new workout routine—something to spice things up a bit, get you in shape, and meet friends—Pink Gloves is for you! Give it a try—all levels are welcome (you do NOT need to know a single thing about boxing, I promise). Plus, there’s a killer Groupon deal right now—five classes for only $39! Get to punchin’ Austin ladies.

Beluga Lava Lamps


This topic has been fully covered in embarrassing middle school health videos, corny pre-teen flicks, and Seventeen Magazine. But I feel like our age group needs a little refresher. Mainly, I just need to vent. Mother Nature should be renamed Mother Fucker or perhaps simply Bitch Lady.

Yes, that’s right. This blog is about menstrual cycles. Periods, days of the month, the rag, Aunt Flow, “becoming a woman”. Ugh.

Today, I felt like staying in bed all day, watching E!, and popping the leftover hydrocodone from my wisdom tooth removal. My back feels like a sumo wrestler is sitting on me and, at any moment, I fully expect my ovaries to burst out from my belly, screeching “YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN UTERUS!!!” I’m as bloated as a beluga and I go through waves of nausea mixed with severe cravings and hunger. I swear I could devour an entire pizza, a tray of cookies, and a pitcher of margarita, then puke it up, and then reach for a bucket of chicken and a box of chocolate. Along with ALL of these facts, add my roller coaster feelings. I’m basically a bipolar blob who wants to hug you, fight you, and cry on you in the span of five minutes. I’m also trying to move into my apartment and start my new job. You DON’T wanna mess with me this week. I will destroy you.

I hear pregnancy is like this, but 100 times worse. You might not ever see me with a baby bump if that’s the case. Women have to go through all this just so we can one day go through it times 100 for nine months straight? Gee thanks, Bitch Lady.

I mean, I haven’t even mentioned the most obvious little nugget of joy—we literally bleed out as if we were shot in the vagina. That’s just cruel, man. Like, who the hell thought of this process? The whole stork delivery thing is genius in my opinion. Better yet, trees bear fruit, why can’t they just dangle infants as well?

Or maybe if men could understand a morsel of our pain and suffering…ya know? Sea horses get it. I’m also a big proponent of somehow making pregnancy a fair toss-up: you have unprotected sex and there’s a 50/50 chance of one of you getting preggo. That would be sweet!

Seriously, what do men have to deal with? Morning wood, wet dreams, shaving their mustache? Gimme a break. Bleed for a week straight while feeling like death and then get back to me.

I guess I’m just here to say…we don’t exaggerate our cramps and it’s not our fault that our emotions get plopped into a high speed lava lamp (red).

So boyfriends/husbands: don’t complain or get grossed out. Definitely don’t rattle the cage. Just buy your lovely beluga a goddamn cupcake, sit through whatever movie she chooses, and rub her feet. In exchange, she’ll keep feeling horrible every month so that one day, you can teach your son how to play football. What a deal.

And then one day after that, she’ll be able to do what my mother recently did to me: grin while handing over a box of tampons and say, “I no longer need these, here you go!” I can’t wait to be that Bitch Lady.