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2nd Book Review: The Waiting Room


Second review of THE WAITING ROOM- 4 stars!!!

The Waiting Room Print 03

Rate: 4 out of 5 stars. I loved, enjoyed it, and would love to recommend this to everyone!

First of all, can we talk about the cover? It’s so pretty and I love it.

I always thought the term “true love never dies” is bullshit. After all, nothing last forever because in the end we all are gonna die, right? But I never really thinking what happened after we all die? Where are we going next? Either straight to hell or heaven?

The Waiting Room follows Jude, who dies in a car accident, and find himself wake up in The Waiting Room, place where all the souls waiting to go on to their next life, except Jude. He spent his entire time there watching his wife Nina through a window, until one day he learns that he’s the only one who ever wait that long. How long will he stay?…

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First Review of THE WAITING ROOM!


So happy and excited to read my novel’s first review by author and journalist S.K. Gregory.

Read it here.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED?! Well, my Wednesday is clearly MADE.

I’ve also pasted it here:

The Waiting Room by Alysha Kaye

What happens to us after we die? Are we reunited with our loved ones? In The Waiting Room, Jude, a thirty year old man, is killed in a car accident. He awakens in a ‘waiting room,’ where the dead go before they move on to their next life. Except, Jude, isn’t moving on.

He spends his time watching his wife Nina, wishing he could be reunited with her. From the variety of waiting room assistants including his friend Joe, he learns that people move on quickly. Everyone except him. Is he an anomaly? Or is his love for Nina keeping him there?

Alysha Kaye creates an interesting concept on what the afterlife is like and how love doesn’t die. A thoroughly enjoyable book that makes you think. Highly recommended.

The Waiting Room is out on July 1st 2014 and will be available to buy through Amazon.


Thanks again, Sam!

Check out her author website http://www.skgregory.com/

What’s a blog again?


Here goes…

Metaphorical leap…

Ok. I am officially a blogger. To be honest, that term is under a list in my head titled “lame”. I’m a writer. Writer is a fantastic word. There’s no silly double letter (and g of all letters- how giggle worthy). It puts the facts on the table, it lays down the law, it does what no human being can ever seem to manage: it says exactly what it means.

Writer: (n.) one who writes

But guess what? Writers don’t have this simple, accessible forum for spewing thoughts, rants, poems, stories, or just really long Facebook statuses/tweets. Guess who DOES have that kind of forum? Bloggers.

So like I said, I’m officially a blogger. (:

I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, really. My first actual story had something to do with a talking, mystery-solving Labrador. I had planned to make millions off of that one, but I think Air Bud stole a little of what would have been my credibility. Since then, it’s been a mix of horrible poetry, decent short stories, and one rough, rough, rough novel.

Then I became a teacher, trying desperately to relay my ecstatic feeling toward pen and paper to my students (mostly to no avail of course). And my writing? Well, it’s been playing second fiddle for a while now. But I am determined to not let the children win! Hence, blogger. Editing my novel? Pshhh, I don’t have time, I have to teach text structures to 100 pubescent creatures. But blogging? Oh yeah, I can squeeze that in, sure.

Breakdown In Mind: Teacher Antics, 30%; Philosophical Pessimistic Bullshit, 15%; Terrible Poetry, 10%; Life in Hawaii AKA This Rock I Live On, 10%; Short Stories and Novel Exerpts, 5%; Hilarious Quotes, Sarcasm, and Everything Else, the remaining 30%

I mean, it has a double G for crying out loud. How serious can this possibly be?