Author ofย  The Waiting Room. 9th grade English teacher, tirelessly trying to save the future from their/they’re/there catastrophes (it could be ugly). Teaching writing and being a writer at the same time is harder than it sounds. New goal=be both, better.

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  1. Congratulations on your new novel – wishing you every success!
    And thanks for following Ink Smeared Page ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Just focus on your writing, I’ve done my research on Facebook. Americans have lost the their/theyโ€™re/there battle a long time ago it seems!

    Thanks for stopping by my backwater hole on the web.

  3. Hi Alysha Thank you for following me on Good luck with your new book. I Can not wait to read it and tell everyone about it.

  4. Thank for the follow Alysha! It is always good to hear from a fellow Texan, especially one who is dedicated to the harrowing task of educating today’s youth! Good luck with your new book; I would love to give it a read!

  5. Hey Alysha, thanks for following my blog! From the few posts I’ve read on your blog, you novel sounds really interesting! I would love to read it! Good luck!

  6. Hi, Alysha. I lived on Oahu (Ewa Beach) for 3 years, too. Lovin’ your blog! You have a great sense of humor. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. I really like your statement here. You remind me of the English teachers that once tested my metal and taught me to be strict with my own writing. I feel the lessons they taught me have been covered in dust from countless other writers following a set of rules I don’t fully understand. Nice picture, too. It was my sixth grade teacher who gave me my first potent writing compliment when I (ironically) wrote about a subject that still haunts me today.

  8. Love your about post– I teach third grade and we’re also big on there/their/they’re!! When will they every learn? Fun to find you blog– Blessings and best wishes on the new book!!!

  9. Thank you so much for following my blog! Is great and inspiring to have an author follow my own blog! I would love to be able to publish such as yourself, still working hard to pen a book deal. I wish you so much happiness with your new book! I shall spread the word! Congratulations!!

  10. Teaching is a challenge in itself, but boy, is it rewarding when a kid learns! Sounds hectic trying to teach and write, but then the kids will realize you know your stuff. Keep your energy up and good luck!

  11. Thanks for your interest in my blog. It is an experiment to teach various dimensions of entrepreneurship using stories and poems.. In case you like the blog, you can share with your friends.

  12. Thank you SO much for “liking” my Uncle Ken’s Book Club column on A Bloggy Mess. I have posted some other things I am working on, but I really do love the characters in the Perry Morgan piece more than the rest. They’re basically me and my two best friends, personalitywise. I am also a teacher, I have been content to Sub for the last few years. (My degree is in Elementary Ed, Multi Subject, Social Studies specialization) I really appreciate that a TEACHER, and an English Teacher no less, likes my stuff. It’s still a bit unpolished, but this may be the motivation I need to finish it. Thank you so much, and i look foreward to reading your work.

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  14. Hi Alysha! I just wanted to say congrats on your book! Its so inspiring to see an author first debut and become such a hit! Well, I wanted you to know that I will be reviewing your book sometime this week just in case you were curious to check it out! Also if you are willing to interview for my blog that would be fantastic as well.
    The Best of Luck

  15. Great blog! I look forward to reading your posts and learning from you–I am just now beginning to blog am very impressed with both your subject matter and writing style.

  16. Hey! Thanks for the like! I’ve always wanted to write a novel- it feels so good to know someone out there is doing just that ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Thanks for the like! And girl, GOD BLESS YOU for teaching middle school. Much respect to you for being out there doing what you are asking your students to do – that’s usually reserved for we specialists ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Thanks for liking the blog….I teach too, but not in a regular school. I run a couple of writers groups over here in backwoods England, and I like your tag line! Teaching is the best, and sneakiest way of learning I suspect).

  19. As a former junior high Language Arts teacher and current high school English teacher, I can certainly empathize with trying to teach and find the time/energy to be an author! Kudos to you and keep fighting the good fight!

  20. Good for you, Alysha, for your perseverance. I am a high school math/science teaching assistant–meaning I don’t bring work home–and I still find it hard to find time and energy to work on my writing projects. Wishing you great success with your novel!

  21. Thanks for the follow on scifibookreview. I used to be a high school English teacher who taught the their/they’re/there. Now I’m trying to remember all that grammar and finding out it isn’t easy. Best of luck with the new book.

  22. Thanks a lot Alysha for following my blog. The fact that you are an author and have recently published a book and that I am kinda baby in this world of blogging and writing makes your gesture hugely uplifting and has given me a lot of encouragement to keep going and continue what I started as a mere time pass hobby.
    I am eagerly looking forward to read your work on this blog and especially The Waiting Room. The synopsis sounds very interesting and promising.
    Keep doing the great work as a teacher as well as author. I wish you all the best for your endeavors.
    Thanks a lot again.

  23. Alysha, thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my review of “A Tale for the Time Being”. Curious if you read the book whether you would have your high school students read it. Although you did not like your stint at marketing, it has done you well in your effort to move into the indie publishing world. I am sorry that I would not be able to read your book as I already have about 6 books to read (including “The Luminaries” and “The Goldfinch” which are both long). My next review will likely be of Cynthia Ozick’s “Dictation”, a tale about the secretaries of Joseph Conrad and Henry James plotting to be remembered through the authors.Good luck!

  24. Thanks so much, Alysha, for stopping by and for the like. I admire you enormously for having taken on self-publishing and apparently made a great go of it for your book! Perhaps you’ll be my role model! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Hello there, just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the one lovely blog award on my blog! Thanks for reading โค

  26. Hi, I wanted to thank you for liking my post, 17 Reasons Teachers are Dedicated. Thank you for making a difference in children’s lives. May you have much success with your writing.

  27. Ah, you are a brave soul! While working in Child Protection, I often visited the schools of the children on my caseload. Teachers often said they couldn’t do my job and without skipping a beat I added, and I couldn’t do yours. Bon courage et bonne chance! Lรฉa

  28. Thanks for visiting my blog, Alysha! I’m following you on Twitter, too. Like Nancy Pennick said, we teacherwriters need to stick together. If you’d like to do a guest blog about your book on, just send me a message! I love featuring authors.

  29. Thanks for liking my post “Book Review: Moths and Caterpillars of the North Woods”, and following my blog. Good luck on your writing career! (Good luck on your teaching as well, I saw a t-shirt in a catalog that said: “Keep calm and teach on”.)

  30. Your “About” page cracks me up. People mixing up “they’re/their/there” irks me as much as “affect/effect”, or someone forgetting the Oxford Comma.

    Thank you for the follow! I look forward to (hopefully) getting to read your novel.

    Happy reading!

  31. Great line! I’ve taught writing as well as art. Enjoyed both, but finding time to write is tough. Best of luck to you in the classroom and out. Thanks for the follow.

  32. I love your site. So happy you took a look at mine so I can continue to look at yours. We have several things in common–I’m an engineer trying to write and sometimes it is a true struggle. I have an abundance of subjects putting the words together gets in the way. Excellent post. I will definitely be a frequent follower. Take care. B.J.

  33. ” The Waiting Room” sounds like an amazing read. I have just read the synopsis on Amazon. Congratulations on your book and nice to meet you.

  34. Alysha, thank you for following “A Way With Words.” My joy in writing is made more complete when people read what I write and even more as they respond.

    I write mainly about faith and mental illness, though am known to share personal reflections, stories, and even the occasional poem. If you have any requests, please contact me.

    I appreciate what you have going here with your blog. You have your own way with words. I have included you as one of my “Friday Featured Followers” in my latest posts. I hope you’ll check it out.

    Keep up the faithful blogging. I look forward to reading more of your work in the days to come.


  35. Thank you for following my “Weaving the Magic Thread” blog; I hope that you will continue to enjoy it.
    I started writing because of the confidence that a teacher gave me. Teachers have the power to make a great difference in a child’s life. I applaud you!

  36. If one loves writing, you find the words flow… so good luck with the writing. Just look at it, as I do with my history site, I am educating my readers.

  37. What a great intro! Looking forward to your blog. I have seen so many of their, I mean they’re catastrophes… ๐Ÿ˜‰ all around me as a social worker. They are lucky to have you. No doubt you are an awesome writer, teacher and all around person. -CC

  38. Hello! I wanted to stop by and ask you a question. Would you be interested in a interview? You asked for me to check out your book THE WAITING ROOM a while back, and I am currently reviewing it. (Don’t worry I really like it.) You’ll be the first author interviewed on my blog and it may help you gain more readers/followers. I hope you a great day and good luck with your writing and your students! – Renee Bell.

  39. You can add “your” and “you’re” to the mix! Thanks so much for following my blog! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  40. Greetings from Wichita from a native Texan (born in Austin). Thanks for Liking my post over at Domestic Issue, and thanks for choosing to follow my blog. Best wishes to you for the new school year.

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  42. Hey Alysha!

    I hope this finds you doing well.

    I see you have been a follower of โ€œA Way With Words.โ€ Great! Thank you.

    We have now transformed into, โ€œDelight in Disorder: Faith & Mental Illnessโ€ ( I hope you will join us there. On the left sidebar, there is a box (below โ€œGet More Delightโ€) for subscriptions so you can get the most of our mission.

    Take care & God bless,

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