Book Giveaway


Win a signed copy of THE WAITING ROOM!!!

All you have to do is like my author Facebook page 🙂

Once I reach 500 likes (I’m so close!) all names will be entered in the giveaway.

The Waiting Room





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  1. Is your book even available at Barnes and Noble? So far every time I’ve gone, it’s been “not in stock.” I’m about to just order it on Amazon, but I was just wondering.

  2. I think I was 432 to like your author page, but it’s okay because I FINALLY GOT YOUR BOOK YESTERDAY. (There’s a funny poem coming out of the waiting a half a month and how amazon told me the first book I bought was lost in transit…)

    Is it weird that I’m on page 3 and I want to savor it? The new book smell. “An understanding robot” You are making me fall in love with novels again.

    It’s so UGHHH. Please tell me there’s a sequel?

    (Probably will email you the rest of my thoughts when I properly collect them. 😉 )

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