The Waiting Room


A Simple, Village Undertaker

Never having even heard of the term “Blog Tour” before and not knowing what it actually meant, I became involved in one supporting Alysha Kaye’s new book, The Waiting Room. Image 4

I learned that…
“A blog tour is when an author “visits” a bunch of blogs in a short amount of time in order to promote his or her book. At each of these visits (tour stops), the author can post a unique article, do an email or audio interview, or even create a video. Something that provides useful or interesting content for the readers of the blog.”

Summary of The Waiting Room:
Jude and Nina are the epitome of that whole raw, unflinching love thing that most people are jealous of. That is, until Jude dies suddenly in a car wreck and wakes up in The Waiting Room, surrounded by other souls who are all waiting to pass over into…

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About Alysha Kaye Mendez

Author of THE WAITING ROOM, available now on Amazon! 9th grade English teacher, tirelessly trying to save the future from their/they're/there catastrophes (it could be ugly). Teaching writing and being a writer at the same time is harder than it sounds. New goal=be both, better.

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