The Waiting Room – A excerpt


The Wessex Literary Review

the-waiting-room-coverHere’s an excerpt from Chapter 2, that gives a little insight to what the actually waiting room is like for Jude, who waits a total of 52 years:

It had been five years in the waiting room. Can you imagine? Five years of one room, watching the world change, wearing the same damn suit.

Joe and I had long ago decided that I was the official “newcomers’ counselor.” Any people appearing to be confused and needing a little more guidance than the trusty old handbook—that’s where I came in. I told them everything I knew. Besides the fact that I didn’t work there…I didn’t want to cause any more outbursts. I comforted them, joked that maybe I’d “see them next time,” and then called their name and led them to their grand exit.

“Hey Joe, what would happen if I decided to walk through the door?”

“You’d just end up…

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About Alysha Kaye Mendez

Author of THE WAITING ROOM, available now on Amazon! 9th grade English teacher, tirelessly trying to save the future from their/they're/there catastrophes (it could be ugly). Teaching writing and being a writer at the same time is harder than it sounds. New goal=be both, better.

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