Interested in the Afterlife?


Fifty Shades of Wonderful


I received this book for review and was excited to read it.  I consider myself to be spiritual and a believer in the afterlife.  This book was uniquely quirky, but not too out there for the average reader to enjoy.  The story opens with us meeting Jude who has passed away and has now taken up residence in the “Waiting Room” which is a staging place of sorts for where he will he eternally reside.  He is saddened because he has left behind the love of his life; Nina.  Not to give away too much of the story, but we get a feel for where our souls travel to after our physical death on Earth and how we all have soul work to complete in the next.  I appreciate when authors take a stab at a topic with a new slant.  Kudos to this new author for delivering that and…

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About Alysha Kaye Mendez

Author of THE WAITING ROOM, available now on Amazon! 9th grade English teacher, tirelessly trying to save the future from their/they're/there catastrophes (it could be ugly). Teaching writing and being a writer at the same time is harder than it sounds. New goal=be both, better.

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