Book Trailer for THE WAITING ROOM


Whew, I could be on Creative Commons ALL. DAY. LONG. I discovered so many amazing photographers today! Same with all the free to share video and music sites. You can get lost.

If I was a little more tech-savvy, this process would’ve been much smoother, faster, and the product muchhh more professional. HOWEVER:

I finally made a book trailer for THE WAITING ROOM. And I’m proud of it, amateur-status and all.

Check it out:

The Waiting Room – book trailer

Tips for fellow authors wanting to make a book trailer:

  1. If you don’t want to spend money (like me) then DON’T! Plenty of great, free resources–you just have to cite!
  3. Remember, you’re not making a MOVIE trailer. This is a book trailer…and people who watch it know that. So don’t get caught up in the visuals–your audience should know that the clip’s purpose is to further explain your novel–to hook them into reading and coming up with their own visuals.
  4. Don’t use your synopsis unless it works. My little back cover blurb is short and simple, so I think (hope) it worked. But I’ve seen other people add WAY too much text.
  5. If you’re worried about your readers getting a preconceived character image, then don’t use images that give them that!
  6. Get the opinion of others–not just other writers. Show it to a friend and ask how it made them feel. Which images captured their attention and which images didn’t?
  7. Have fun with it! Let it revamp you.


Remember: The Waiting Room releases July 1!

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  1. Transitions could be smoother, but some of that may be a YouTube problem. I’m converting my trailer links to Vimeo for better quality playback. Very pretty! πŸ™‚

    Mine is longer (about the length of a popular song), and I put in a voice-over, so as not to leave out the visually impaired.

      • There’s a trailer page on the main menu of my blog, with a link to Vimeo. It was my first time working with the text-to-speech converter before starting on the audiobook edition, and since then I’ve learned a few more things about the voices that should make the next trailer easier.

  2. I really had fun making my book trailers! Congratulations! I agree with Christine about the voice over, I am in the process of adding a voice over to mine and creating some original images. I wonder if meybe you might try fading some of the images in and out, there are a lot of images and they flicker past very quickly. Other than that, great! Well done!

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